For a variety of reasons, Russia is an excellent choice for individuals interested in pursuing a medical degree. Climate-friendly environments, inexpensive education fees, and economical living are just a few examples. With 57 medical colleges and institutions, the country ranks highly among the greatest countries in the world for medical education.

The 5 Best Medical Universities in Russia for MBBS in 2021

1. Kazan Federal University

KFU is a research and educational institution that offers undergraduate and postgraduate professional education, as well as pre-university and extra professional education programmes in a variety of sciences and disciplines, including MBBS. The institute of fundamental medicine and biology at Kazan Federal University is one of the university’s most rapidly growing institutes, with over 60 subdivisions and world-class research laboratories.

Students can enrol in a degree programme in any of the following languages: English, Russian, or Chinese. Graduated professionals can also gain clinical experience at the Kazan University Clinic.

2. Crimean Federal University

CRFU takes all necessary steps to guarantee that international students are able to study at the university in a timely manner. International medical students travel to Russia from all over the world to further their education in technology and medicine.

Crimean Federal University, which offers study programmes in English and Russian, is also a popular choice among students due to its inexpensive tuition prices. International students receive special attention from the time they arrive at the airport until the admissions process is completed. Approximately 3,000 of the 32,000 students enrolled at CRFU come from 54 different countries.

3. People’s Friendship University of Russia

This university, named after South African independence fighter Patrice Lumumba, provides freedom to any overseas student who enrols to pursue higher education here. It is also known as RUDN, and it unifies students by traditional values, regardless of their rankings, age, geography, or profile.

RUDN University is listed by Times Higher Education World University Rankings, QS World University Rankings, and Round University Rankings for its world-class hostel amenities.

In global rankings, the People’s Friendship University of Russia ranks first among Russian higher education institutions in terms of international students. RUDN takes every precaution to make international students feel at ease and to assist them with job options in their field of study both in Russia and abroad.

4. Tyumen Medical University

Excelling in providing medical education to National and international students, UTMN is a favourite among students for its friendliness and multitude of degree programs. The university offers degree programmes in Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral courses and double degree and academic exchange programs.

Tyumen University also has clubs to unite students and postgraduates from foreign countries. The institution follows a simple 10-step admission process that makes it easier for students to follow their dreams even better.

The university offers job-orientation programmes to graduates to help them find better building opportunities after graduation. The International Students Council at UTMN takes care of international students’ basic needs, from arrival to healthcare & insurance and more.

Local students can participate in the Buddy Program to help international students feel at home. UTMN also offers scholarships to foreign medical students to waive off tuition fees depending on their academic abilities.

5. Bashkir State Medical University

Because of the restricted number of seats, Bashkir State Medical University follows tight admissions standards. The university accepts students through entrance tests and offers straightforward procedures for bringing in international students. General Medicine, Dentistry, Pediatrics, Pharmacy, and Preventive Medicine are among the four-, five-, and six-year degree programmes available to students.

BSMU is ranked 5th among the best Russian medical schools and 136th overall in Russia. BSMU educates 8000+ medical students, including more than 850 international students from 40 different countries, as one of the major medical institutions in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Bashkortostan’s centre of medical and pharmaceutical sciences. The international student exchange programme provides BSMU students with a variety of possibilities to strengthen their professional and linguistic abilities as well as become acquainted with the customs and cultures of different nations. BSMU offers fellowships, scholarships, and grants to international students in order to provide them with equal chances.

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