North Sichuan Medical University is one of the non-profitable higher educational institutes for the medical students that has been set in the urban areas in Nanchong, Sichuan. The university was founded in the year 1951. North Sichuan medical college (NSMC) is offering a wide range of courses for medical as well as para-medical studies.

Students find MBBS in North Sichuan Medical University is interesting because of the two beautiful campuses. One campus of NSMC is situated in Nanchong city and another is in Shunqing district. Whereas the main university is located in Sichuan province which is the second largest education centre of the place. On the other hand, the Nanchong city is referred to as the origin of the three kingdoms culture in China. approx 10,000 students are enrolled in this university for undergraduate and postgraduate every year.

  • Campus Impression Students of the university are under the guidance of more than 400 faculties, among them more than 300 have already obtained the highest academic titles such as professor and associate professor. Plus, more than 50 returned scholar of the university train the minds.Each of the two campuses is the warehouse of medical books and journals. The libraries are overflowed by more than 930,000 books and most of the books are available in both Chinese and English language. The organisation is popular for its unmatched training centre that is facilitated with the advanced multi-media and campus networking technology. NSMC is famous for its faculty. NSMC is one of the oldest 5 medical imaging faculties in China. Taking about North Sichuan Medical University hostel, they are found in every campuses with all relevant student facilities such as reading room, gym, Wi-Fi, 24/7 water and electric supply, etc.
  • Affiliated Hospitals Getting a North Sichuan Medical University admission will prove very fruitful for international students. The organisation not only stresses on the medical studies but also take very good care of the practical classes. For the international student, there are 55 internship and teaching hospitals and 24 affiliated hospitals in this university. All the affiliated hospitals were set up in the year of 1974 and, have gotten national class a- grade iii hospital.The hospitals have more than 2500 beds, 7 medical departments, 25 clinical disciplines, and is set up around about 180,000 square meters. All medical departments of the hospitals have of skilled technicians and other employees along with the seamless faculties. More than 1.23 million outpatients visit these hospitals every year.
  • Communication And Cooperation While checking the North Sichuan Medical University ranking, you will find that the university is one of the best medical organisations of this province. Also, the university has a good relationship with almost all European countries and India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Japan and other countries. It gets a lot of students from Asian countries especially India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
  • Achievements Recently, the college has taken on 8 national research projects, and 5 of them are from the ministry of education. 3,5000+ scientific research papers, 65 treatises have been published under the guidance of the university.

Bottom line:

This QS World University ranked university is most appropriate for the medical students who are from India and its environs. By choosing NSMC, you do not need to fly a long way to be in the best medical universities in the world. Do not forget to follow the North Sichuan Medical University fee structure 2020 on the university website.