Founded in 1958, Ningxia University is a regional comprehensive university which has been awarded Double First Class status in some disciplines. The university comprises three campus consisting more than 2500 faculty and instructors. The university focuses on studying and implementing the opinions and efforts of the teaching communities to bring the predestined changes in the field of education and social justice.

The university is located in Yinchuan which has a long history. The scenic beauty and historic culture of the city has been the international centre of attraction which invites several students from worldwide to pursue higher education.

Why Ningxia must be your preference

Ningxia University is affiliates 24 schools with 70 different undergraduates programs spanning agriculture, medicine, education, law, humanities, engineering and natural science. The other reasons which are the perfect reason to draw your attention are:

World class teaching faculty with advanced curriculum parallel to the western universities.

Leading projects are being carried out by the university that is drawing the attention of the international community.

Global education exchange program adds effective aura to the classroom program.

Effective internships with the reputed institutes leveraging real-time learning and in-hand assessment

Scholarships and living expenses are affordable.

Essential Criteria to Enroll

Must not be more than 25 years and must have completed senior high school.

Must not be more than 35 years to pursue Masters Degree and must have completed bachelors degree.

Must not attain more than 40 years of age to apply for the Doctorate program.

Must be physically and mentally stable and must not have ill- feelings for the China.

Scholarship programs for Students

Scholarship programs are open for all enrolled students of university. However, prior applying for the scholarships, students are advised to check the eligibility criteria from the website of the university. The Ningxia University provides following scholarships:

  • 2500RMB per month for the undergraduate students.
  • 3000RMB per month for the post-graduate students.
  • 3500RMB per month for the Doctoral students.
  • University also provides comprehensive medical insurance for the students of international community.
  • The scholarship remains till the tenure of the program. On completion of the course the scholarship will be automatically discontinued. For students who wish to go for preparatory language education including scholarship, the university facilitates the process.
  • The university caters specialized knowledge to its students in their field and provides different international platforms for their knowledge exposure.