Tajikistan is a country sharing boundary with Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and China. Being the country with a philosophy of sharing knowledge and matter with the world, the country remained always prosperous and peaceful. The country has dynamic cultural ethics and work-life balance making itself a region where students can learn, apt and invent on their own by levering the technology and well-being. Tajikistan holds an institute of medical facility with a capacity to absorb the international community of students. The students come, learn and serve the mankind with the learning they absorb.


Natural beauty and large campus of the medical institute lures the students globally to come and pursue the course in medicine. There are several reasons which contribute:

  • Affordable Fee Structure: The fee structure of the medical university in Tajikistan is nominal. It is the core reason behind the highest number of offshore admissions. The students can pay the fees in easy structure without any pressure from the university.
  • Modern Education: Most of the candidates make a contrast between the western universities and Asian universities. In such race the medical university of Tajikistan is no less. The university is equipped with modern medical equipments, facilities and faculties. The curriculum is designed keeping in mind the international community of medical research.
  • Worthy Internship: Prior completion of the course it is mandatory for the candidate to undergo internship with a medical institute. The internship grooms the candidate with the skills that every medical practioner must possess.
  • World class faculty: The candidates perform well with the efforts and pain taken by the world class faculty awarded with the Doctorate degrees. Most of the faculties are recognized as the national gem of Tajikistan who has lived their lives for the cause of humanity.


Khatlon State Medical University is the recognized public university with outstanding 19 faculties and a special course in pharmacology. The alumni of the university are working in major health institutions of the country. To study here a candidate must have successfully passed 10+2 exam with minimum 50% marks in physics, chemistry and Mathematics.

To obtain international exposure, the country has numerous academic collaborations with several countries like China, Canada, Austria, France, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Iran and other countries. This is the reason why every candidate must look to study in Tajikistan.