MBBS in Russia is considered to be the most prestigious course, due to the quality of Medical Education and its craze of studying medicine in Russia for many years. Russia is amongst popular destinations due to the availability of MCI coaching, English Medium syllabus, Indian Mess Facility, MCI Approved Top Medical Universities for MBBS in Russia.

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3. The top medical undergraduate course in India

4. MBBS course Duration

5. MBBS course Subjects

6. MBBS entrance exams

7. Crucial information that can help you pursue MBBS in Russia in 2019

8. Why there is a craze of studying mbbs in russia for indian students?

9. About Russia

10. What are the advantage of studying mbbs course in Russia?

11. Life of indian students in russia (facilities)

12. MCI approved universities in Russia

13. MBBS in russia eligibility for Indian students:

14. MBBS admission procedure

15. List of top medical universities in Russia:

16. Some of the other reasons why you should study medicine in Russia

17. Frequently asked questions by MBBS Aspirants




MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. It is considered to be the most prestigious course that a medical student can pursue. MBBS is the most popular and designated degree for a Doctor. For engineering science students IIT is considered to be the toughest course but for medical students, MBBS is like IIT course to them as it is also the toughest medical course.


MBBS is the top medical undergraduate course in India. Once a student completes the course a professional and prestigious degree is awarded as a degree in medicine and a degree in surgery to the student. The main aim of the MBBS course is imparting the quality education and training to the medical students to help and contribute them to the growing sector of health and medicine.


MBBS Course is regulated by the MCI (Medical Council of India). The MBBS is a 5.5 years course in which there are 4.5 years of academic education and 1 year of mandatory internship program) UG degree program leading to the two degrees as Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.


There are many Colleges and Universities from various countries offering the MBBS course subjects include general medicine, physiology, histology, general pathology, Human Anatomy, Human physiology including biophysics, biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, microbiology, principles of clinical medicine and other subjects.


Before getting admission in MBBS the students have to give exams and qualify those exams. There are following exams such as 10+2 Classes board Exams, NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Exams), JIPMER Exams (Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research).

Crucial information that can help you pursue MBBS in Russia in 2019

Russia is one of the renowned destinations for international students to pursue MBBS starting from the Soviet Era. According to the WHO’s Directory of World Medical Schools, Russia has 30 universities that rank among the top 100 medical universities throughout the world. The alumni of many Russian Medical Universities could be found working in major hospitals all over the world. So, what are the prominent reasons that draw students towards medical universities in Russia? The Russian Ministry of Health & Education offers the privilege of highly subsidized fees to international students, and also, the quality of education delivered in these universities is exemplary. These reasons are sufficient to motivate a student to pursue Medicine in Russia in 2019.

It is the dream of every student to study MBBS from top Universities and become a certified MBBS Doctor within a period of 6 years. After completing schooling from PCB stream an Indian student starts looking for a good option to make their career in the medical field by pursuing MBBS in India or from abroad.

Due to limited seats in India, there is very high competition for qualifying medical exams. If someone wishes to pursue medicine in India then it becomes very difficult for the Indian students to pursue medicine in India, just because of highly competitive entrance exams and very high MBBS fees structure/ Donations. Now as per Medical Council of India (MCI) guidelines a student has to qualify NEET exams to get MBBS admission in a foreign country.

(NEET)National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, which was formerly known as All India Pre-Medical Test is an entrance examination for Indian students who wish to pursue graduation, post-graduation in government and private universities from abroad to get admission in MBBS (Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of surgery) and Bachelor of Dental Surgery.

Every year more than 12 Lakhs appear in NEET exams and only 2 lakhs qualify the exams. The Majority of the students are not qualified NEET exams. Now Indian medical aspirants who wish to pursue medicine in India starts searching for other options. You can imagine their mindset of students by reading these queries:

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mbbs in Russia

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Study mbbs from abroad at low-cost fees

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Which country is best for mbbs china or Russia?

Study Mbbs abroad with scholarship

Study MBBS without NEET

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MCI screening test

Entrance Exams for MBBS in abroad

If you are also having such queries in your mind then do not worry, it is a natural process and you are at the right place, as you will get all your answers in this blog.

Do you know Russia is the world’s largest country by its geographical area? If we measure the area in kilometers than it is more than 17 million square kilometers. Russia lies in between two continents which are Asia and Europe.

Russia is 1.8 times larger than the size of the United States. Russia is well known for its amazing and beautiful cities which is a place. When we talk about Russia from Indian student perspective then there are endless options for recreation, including parks, sports complex, museums, games and much more to enjoy at any time and at any cost. Russia is not only a beautiful city but there are several places which will make you fascinated about the city as there are impressive Religious sites, Impressive arts and Museums, very Delicious food and Drinks, Beauty of Nature, Natural rivers and mountains, music and dance, ethnic groups in Russia, snowy winter seasons of Russia, winter festival, OB River (7th longest river in the world), amazing zoo parks and there are many travel destinations in Russia. Due to the beauty of the city, many Indian students, as well as International students, pursue medicine/MBBS, dental courses and other courses in Russia. We can say that Russia is not only famous for its beauty, culture, ethnic dance groups but it is also known for its quality of education. Each city of Russia has its own specifications, attractions, traditions, and sights unusual architecture, historic and cultural monuments, unique nature preserve rivers, mountains, valleys, cultural diversity and much, much more than we simply must see it. It is very difficult for a student to adapt and live in a different country due to their cultural diversity, the difference in climatic conditions, behavioral differences of people, the difference in food eating habits, difference in languages and there are many other differences which makes a student afraid while opting for studying in Russia or other countries.



The first impediment for students wanting to pursue medical education is the higher cost of different types of institutions. Many students are preferring Russia for studying MBBS.

The main reason for international students to prefer pursuing medicine in Russia is the affordability of the MBBS course in Russia. Many international students are traveling to Russia every year from America, Australia, Europe, and Asia in the search for a better future in medicine. The increasing demand for MBBS courses in Russia is adequately supported by the introduction of English programs for medical courses apart from MBBS such as pharmacy and dentistry.

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Russia has become a popular destination for pursuing MBBS course, and there are enough reasons to validate it. Apart from MBBS in Russia the low-cost fees, the country has around 30 of its medical institutes among the top 100 medical universities. This estimate has been drawn from the “Directory of World Medical Schools” of the World Health Organization. The career opportunities for students passing with MBBS in Russia are widespread and promising as they can find employment in popular hospitals all over the world.

In addition to these factors, Russia is also a popular destination for international students because of the subsidies offered by the Russian Ministry of Health & Education for MBBS education. The subsidies are comparatively higher than other western countries. Another noticeable trait which draws international students to Russia for pursuing MBBS is the higher quality of education in all the 57 medical universities in the country.

Almost every Russian university has a teacher-student ratio of 7:1 that is a credible factor for ensuring the higher quality of education. Furthermore, it is also essential to observe that every medical university in Russia is recognized by the WHO as well as the Medical Councils of leading countries such as India, USA, Canada, Australia, Middle East countries, UK, etc.



Russia is located in Asia and holds the reputation of being the largest country in the world spanning over an area of 17,125,200 square kilometers. This area is accountable for almost one-eighth of the total habitable area of our planet. The population of Russia is over 144 million making it one of the additions in the top 10 crowded nations. The western part of Russia is located in Eastern Europe and is highly urbanized and has a large population as compared to the rest of the country. It has been estimated that around 77% of the country’s population resides in European Russia.


Russia is primarily reliant on a democratic rule. The Russian Federation is known to share its land border with countries such as Finland, Latvia, North Korea, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Belarus, Norway, Georgia, Norway, Mongolia, and Azerbaijan. The preferences for MBBS in Russia should also be based on the information about the main religions in Russia that can show a lot of idea about the country’s social environment. The prominent religions in Russia include Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism.

The most widely followed religion in Russia is Christianity and is considered customary in Russia because it has been included as a component of ‘verifiable legacy’ of Russia according to a law that gained approval in 1997. Almost 95% of the orthodox areas that have been enrolled are accommodated in the Russian Orthodox Church. It is also common to find other Orthodox Churches with a smaller size which are known as houses of worship for the Old Believers. An interesting factor that is also noted in the religion-based preferences followed in Russia is the widespread recovery of Siberian Shamanism.


Climate is an important factor while choosing a country for your medical studies. When we compare the climate of India with Russia we find it quite different. The average winter temperature of Russia falls as much as -25 degree Celsius while during summers it can go up to 25 degree Celsius.

In general, the climate of Russia can be described as highly continental influenced climate with warm to hot dry summers and very cold winters with temperatures of -30°C and lower and with a heavy snowfall sometimes. July is the hottest month and January is the coldest month with heavy. Each house, Hostel, University Campus is fitted with a heating facility which makes it comfortable for students to stay warm indoors.


The climate of Russia is highly favorable for international students to take admission in top medical colleges in Russia. The vast size of Russia alongside the remote placement of various regions from the ocean results in the higher moisture content in the mainland atmosphere. This type of climate can be found in various areas of Russia but not in the tundra. The mountains located in the south are responsible for restricting the warm air fl.ow from the Indian Ocean. Furthermore, the plains in the north and west part of Russia makes the country vulnerable to the impacts of the Arctic as well as the Atlantic Ocean. Based on these concerns, the major portion of Russia experiences a subarctic climatic condition.


The above-mentioned geographic conditions are responsible in large part to the lower temperatures in Russia. Therefore, people thinking that Studying MBBS in Russia is not good can be assured of a favorable and cool climate that is continental everywhere, and the winters are cold with a longer duration spent covered up in snow followed by hot summers.

The coldest place in Russia is found in the city of Oimyakon in Eastern Siberia that has a temperature of -68 degree Celsius. The southern part of Far East Russia is found to have a moderate climate, and it is largely monsoonal with the average temperatures in January ranging from 0 to 5 degree Celsius. The highest volume of rainfall is found in the mountains of Altai and Caucasus, where almost 2000mm of rainfall is observed annually. On the other hand, the most drought-prone area is the Prikaspijskaja lowland that receives only 150mm rainfall every year.



When students from India decide to pursue MBBS in Russia in 2019, they could be able to find that the cost of living in Russia. First of all, the accommodation costs are hardly between 100-300 USD every month which can be adjusted according to your living style. The use of a metro smart card would help you in commuting easily at only a monthly price of USD 65.

The cost of food can be placed conveniently within only USD 10 for each day. If Indian students want to own a car for transportation, then the fuel prices per liter are estimated at only USD 0.5, which is pretty convenient for purchasing according to a student’s budget. Most important of all, the cost of utilities for every month would be almost their USD 150 that is definitely an appealing factor to pursue MBBS in Russia for Indian students.


Students could find explicit levels of safety in urban communities in Russia, which are highly secure. On the other hand, it is also advisable for students to stay away from any risky neighborhoods in the city, and it is recommended not to stay outside after 2 am in any Russian city. Students taking admission in top medical colleges in Russia should also be careful of their attitude when moving outside as a subservient personality attracts criminals. So, students should be careful to be alert and not give any sign that they are frightened and anxious. Students maintaining a strong posture when confronted by assaulters could be able to get out from any problematic situation in Russia. It is essential to observe that security levels for the general public in Russia cannot be considered at par with Switzerland but can be surely better than any given Latin-American nation. Another essential fact to keep in mind at all times is to carry proof of identification that can be recognized easily.

The Russian police can demand character check and identity verification at any time, and this is considered as a normal event in Russia. Therefore, if students are found near suspicious areas or their behaviors and activities seem suspicious to the police, they can demand proof of your identity. Hence it is recommended to carry photocopies of enrolment papers, identification card, and visa at all times, and a character certificate could be a saving grace in the case of crises.



The first benefit that students receive by pursuing MBBS in Russia in 2019 is the low cost for medical education. Students do not have to compromise on the quality of MBBS education with the lower fees because the universities provide world-class medical education. Various medical colleges in Russia have provided opportunities for students to avail medical education at cheaper costs with great availability of seats.


The certification for students after completing their MBBS in Russia is accepted all over the world and is recognized by major institutions such as the WHO and the Medical Council of India as well as that of other renowned countries. The degree of MBBS obtained from Russian medical universities would help students to gain employment in the medical profession in any country.


The facility of MCI training for students is observed in different institutions for MBBS in Russia vs. China is highly beneficial for students as they do not have to pass through another screening test or additional training that can involve extra cost.


The facility of teaching the courses in English is also a noted benefit, and that is supported appropriately by teaching the Russian language to students for helping them communicate with Russian patients in the duration of their clinical internships. Students could be able to get professional exposure in international environments that can subsequently help them to realize higher levels of professionalism. Professionalism is essentially needed in the job of a doctor and is highly appreciated. In the final years, experienced surgeons and doctors would serve the role of teachers and work in unison with students. Students can receive on-job training that can add up to their experience alongside allowing them to learn the essential work ethics.


The facility of hostels for students choosing top medical colleges in Russia is helpful for convenience in all possible weathers. Especially during the winter season, the hostels are centrally heated and offer hot water that is helpful for hostel boarders.


Students pursuing MBBS in Russia could also find the benefits of scholarship based on their performance in the current year. Institutions such as the Ulyanovsk State University and the Mordovia State University offer rewards through reducing fees for the next year based on the results of students in academics for a particular year.


The attention given to students in MBBS courses in Russia is also a reasonable measure to consider the favourability of Russia for pursuing medical education. International students are enrolled in batches of around 12 to 15 students, thereby indicating a favorable student to teacher ratio. The individual attention given to students could be extremely helpful in obtaining the high quality of education for which they have traveled to Russia.


Students should always keep in mind that medical universities ensure the provision of references by students working in leading hospitals all over the world. Therefore, these factors indicate the transparency of trusting MBBS courses in Russia as aspirants could easily contact with the previous students, and this can develop their trust in the credibility of the courses.


Another notable factor that can play a definitive role in driving students to choose the top medical colleges in Russia is the fact that there is no requirement of donation fees. Unlike the private institutions which demand high donation fees alongside the yearly fees, Russian medical universities do not impose any donation fees, thereby reducing the overall cost of medical education for students.


The infrastructure of medical colleges in Russia is another benefit that may drive students to enroll in medicine in Russia in 2019. Students can find modern equipment in the institutes with the campuses built according to world-class benchmarks. The benefits of studying MBBS in Russian medical universities could also be supported by the indications of higher standards of education and the recognition of the institutions by notable bodies such as the European Council, WHO, MCI, UNESCO, etc.


Finally, students studying in top medical colleges in Russia would be able to get the facility of exposure to international community and environment. They would be able to interact with students from other countries that could be helpful for them to adapt effectively to various situations in the later stages of their professional journey.


Apart from the low estimates of MBBS in Russia fee, students should also be able to get maximum benefits in terms of affordability as the cost of living in Russia is considerably cheaper. It has been found out that students from India could make it out in Russia with only USD 100 to USD 300 in a month. Students could also reduce the cost of living by making a few changes in their lifestyle, which is indeed a promising factor to opt for admission in medical colleges and universities in Russia.



Students enrolled in different MBBS courses in Russia could be able to capitalize on the high quality of education provided in medical universities in Russia. The different universities in Russia are known for following the curriculum that is in unison with international standards. Students could be able to avail lower costs of living in Russia easily as evident from the above discussion. In addition to this, the benefits of opting for MBBS in Russia in 2019 also direct towards the higher quality of infrastructure in the various institutions in Russia that are recognized by international bodies of authority.

Furthermore, thousands of students from different countries such as Pakistan, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, etc., travel to various places in Russia for enrolling in MBBS courses. Students are provided with the opportunity to engage in different cultural activities, and major universities organized trips for students to know more about the geography, history, and culture of Russia. Students could get ample opportunity for participating in different recreational and social activities as well as facilities such as plays, opera houses, and ballets.


Apart from the facility of cultural programs and opportunities to take part in different tours of Russia, students are also entitled to find the best infrastructure on campus and hostel. The convenience of students is emphasized above all and people saying that MBBS in Russia is not good can be easily proved false by a simple look at the various facilities noted in the universities. The participation of students in extracurricular activities and sports is promoted in all medical universities, thereby helping students to cope effectively with the learning process and keep their body fit. Various university complexes have the facility of a football ground, gyms, swimming pools, basketball courts, badminton court, etc. to help students stay physically fit. The facility of low-cost food in the cafeterias located inside the university complexes is one of the foremost advantages of campus life for students enrolled for MBBS in Russia. However, this does not mean that students have to depend on the cafeteria for good quality food.

The facility of cafes and restaurants in the different cities in Russia provides the opportunity for students to dine according to their preferences. The shared kitchen facilities that are provided by university hotels can help students to cook their food by purchasing groceries from the local stores or supermarkets. Students should also know that shared cooking is a popular alternative among international students as it offers a chance to eat healthy food and exercise their own preferences rather than depending on the hostel for food.



Students wanting to get admission in the top medical colleges in Russia should know that the Screening Test Regulations 2002 has introduced the FMGE Screening Test which specifies that Indian citizens having primary medical qualification from institutions outside of India need to pass a screening test in order to obtain provisional or permanent registration with State Medical Council or the Medical Council of India. The approval of MCI is essential for students to find reasonable and favorable opportunities for employment and practice in the medical profession in India.


However, candidates aspiring to pursue MBBS in Russia should also be aware of the eligibility criteria for admission. This would help in obtaining a clear idea of the academic and age requirements needed to take admission in top medical universities of Russia. Therefore the essentials of MBBS in Russia eligibility criteria can be highlighted as follows:

• The minimum age of the candidate should be 17 years as of 31st December 2019, and the maximum age is 25 years.

• Aspiring candidates for MBBS in Russia should have qualified NEET for admission.

• The candidate should have scored at least 50% marks in 12th standard from CBSE, ISC or any Equivalent Board of Examination with Science stream (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology).

• If the candidate has not registered, appeared or qualified the NEET- 2019 then they have to submit an Eligibility Certificate issued by Medical Council of India for enrolling in foreign medical universities in 2019.

• The last date for applications to pursue MBBS in Russia in 2019 is 15th July 2019.


Step 1: Fill the online form of the University at our official site and pay initial documentation fees(the first installment of your processing fee). Send your 10th, 11th and 12th class mark sheet’s scanned copy, school leaving certificate and other documents by email at our official Email Address.

Step 2: We will let you know when the other students are also ready and a group of student will fly from New Delhi to Russia. We will provide you with full information about your flight’s date and timings. You just need to deposit the remaining processing fees before 7 days of your flight to the destination. One of our expert consultants will go with you to the university and stay with you until the classes start.

Step 3: Once you complete step 1, you will get your admission letter within 4 working days of your application. Now, send your passport and all above-mentioned documents (original) at our Office. Now the invitation process will be started. University will send your invitation letter for further process.

Now you will get your invitation letter issued by the University, Admission letter issued by the university. Congratulations, now you are ready to fly to your dream University for your Prestigious MBBS degree.

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