Why Study MBBS in Georgia, European Teaching University?

Georgia is the focal point of medical studies throughout Eurasia, known for its unmatched medical expertise. The country also caters an equal opportunity for the global students to enrol themselves for the medical program. The cost of the entire medical program is affordable for the global students belonging to different financial backgrounds.

The tenure of the medical course is about six years during which the students work under the guidance of renowned doctors and medical institutions in Georgia. Apart from knowledgeable staff, the university also invites international guest faculty to deliver their lecture and enlighten their students.


Considering the potential of our candidate at most, we would like to extend this opportunity to the students who have ever desired to be an alumni of medical colleges in Georgia. It is easy for an Indian student to enrol here because:

  • Admission criteria is lower i.e. 55% minimum in physics, chemistry, English and Biology.
  • Age criteria is lower i.e. Must be of minimum 17 years.
  • No accumulated funds are required to mention.
  • No interview needed to clear.
  • Economical Expenses.


Studying medical course is itself an honourable task. However, there are several benefits that every enrolling candidate must know:

  • Georgia medical college fees are affordable.
  • Awarded degree is MCI recognized.
  • No language barrier. Entire course is taught in English.
  • Central location leverages every benefit that natural Georgian citizen takes.
  • Member of FAIMER.


Getting awarded with the MBBS degree doesn’t end up your journey. The students can easily take up the internship programs under different health care institutes and hospitals to shoulder the medical responsibilities. This not only makes them through professional but also gives them chance to implement their learning and knowledge on the real-life scenario.

  • Enroll yourself under internship program.
  • Obtain practioner’s license post internship completion.
  • Crack university interview to get teaching opportunity.


European Teaching University caters medical course for all the students including the international ones. The university takes care of every student about the academic growth and expertise by providing them a mentor who has an expertise in their respective fields. To meet every required need, the cost of living in Georgia is least. Thus, making it easier for the candidates to perform well and excel in their specializations in coming future.