Lugansk State Medical University is situated in Lugansk, Ukraine. The university was founded in the year of 1956 and initially, it was named as Voroshilovgrad State Medical Institute. The institution started offering postgraduate training in 1979 and it was opened for the foreign students from 1983. Students from middle eastern countries, Ghana Nigeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, India, Malaysia, Singapore. It was received the status of being a university in the year of 1994. Lugansk State Medical University campus has three academic buildings along with scientific laboratories, dental clinics, pharmacy, fitness centre and a library.

KMU has recognised by some educational bodies as well as medical councils all over the world including-A large number of students come to Lugansk from all over the world for methodological medical training. In addition, a lot of scientists, doctors, and academicians conduct the whole program.

There is a long list of offered courses by the Lugansk State Medical University:

  • 400+ teaching staff
  • 170+ medical specialities
  • 60+ doctors of science
  • 270+ candidates involved in the research and development of scientific projects
  • And 500 science & technique workers of Ukraine.

Campus Life of Lugansk State Medical University

Lugansk State Medical University campusis one of the most unique and exciting campuses in Ukraine. The campus is situated in the forest area of Luhansk. As a result, the students get the exotic views of the forest from their campus. With the laboratory and the scientific research centre, there is a huge vivarium for maintaining the laboratory animal. A fully equipped pharmacy is situated in a part of the campus. The total area of the campus buildings is 73,957m² approx, including classroom in 18,172m²;

Another part of the campus is allocated for the students’ hostel.Lugansk State Medical University hostelsystem is fully equipped with modern technology such as 24 hours of water supply, electricity, wi-fi, gym, etc. 5 hostels with approx. 28431 sq.m accommodations is located on the university campus and more than 2220 students stay in these hostels.

Glimpses of the university Environs

Ukraine is a sovereign state in Eastern Europe. It is situated at the border of Russia. Belarus is situated in the northwest of the city, Poland, Hungary; Slovakia is situated in the west. The southwest part of the city is covered by Moldova and Rumania. And, the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov is situated in the south.

People from all over the world are coming for getting the degree of MBBS in Ukraine because has already proved itself as one of the best places to get licensed medical practice. A huge crowd from the United States, Canada, and India come to this place every year for their medical studies.

Here are some highlights of the Lugansk State Medical University 2019 for the upcoming students.

Here are some highlights of the Lugansk State Medical University 2019 for the upcoming students.

  • The lecture halls are approx 83878 sq. m
  • The lecture halls are approx 83878 sq. m
  • All total is of the library is 2405 sq.m
  • The university offers 220 hours of video and audio contents for every medical student
  • Students get 6 to 9 months of interactive online study access
  • There is a separate virtual library for the e-books
  • All dedicated mentors for supporting students throughout the session
  • 24/7 access learning while studying MBBS

Bottom Line:

So, it is clear that Study MBBS in Lugansk State Medical University is no less a good opportunity for the aspirants who are willing to be a great surgeon in future. Students!!! Be there in Ukraine now.