Jiangsu medical university is one of the most prestigious medical research university situated in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, China. Jiangsu Medical University is set up by combining three educational organisations named the former Jiangsu University Of Science And Technology, Zhenjiang Teachers’ College, and Zhenjiang Medical College in the year of 2001. This is a teaching and research-oriented medical university with strong engineering disciplines. JMU is one of the top 100 universities in China.

JMU has been founded after long-term cooperation with many international universities and research centres in America, England, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Austria, Sweden, Ghana, Denmark, Thailand, India, Singapore, and many more.

Jiangsu University has been built up four supreme strategies: characteristic development of the students, strengthening the university by talents, uniting and promote the most distinctive features of the institute, and teacher-student cooperation.

  • Life Of The Foreign Students at Jiangsu University:  Life at Jiangsu University is very exciting, especially for foreign students. The dormitory rooms of the Jiangsu Medical University hostel are furnished with required furniture, TV, fridge, Wi-Fi. Also, there are reading rooms, gym, cyber-cafe, tearoom and fitness room, in the hostel premises. Every day the student hostel celebrates different academic or cultural programs including forums, seminars, speech competition, competition on different tropic or subjects. There are 150 student groups to organised different programmes on the campus.
  • Facilities: The hostels are situated in the university are, and every hostel room is accommodated for two persons. Every hostel room is furnished with two beds, two wardrobes, and study tables. Every room has a separate air-conditioning system, central heating system, 24/7 water supply. A washing machine is available for each room. Every floor has a kitchen with 24/7 gas and water supply.
  • The management: A sufficient cleaning staffs and attendants are there in the hostels. All of the employees of the hostels and campus. The cleaning staffs are very much responsible for their duties.
  • Library: The library is situated inside the hostel as well as in the university. Students can get their required text or reference books from there anytime. The reading room is nearby the library.
  • Sports:A big Football ground is there on the campus. Also, the students have the facility to play Basket Ball, Table Tennis in the hostel.

What is the Career Aspect at Jiangsu University?

MBBS in Jiangsu Medical University is one of the most exciting as well as a fruitful career for foreign students. After obtaining the basic medical degree, the graduate students can apply for the medical licensing exam in the medical council. This examination is the opportunity to get registered and practice medicine around the world including USA, UK, African Medical Council, KSA, PMDC, European Medical Council, and in The Middle East Countries.

The MBBS students from this university can find jobs in government or private hospitals and any of the nursing homes. Also, one can start his (or her) own clinic in any of the countries.

Bottom line:

The Jiangsu Medical University ranking is very high amongst all other medical universities in China. The institution has already proved its place to be in the top 100 universities of the country. However, the students. Especially the international students are requested to follow the Jiangsu Medical University fee structure 2020 before getting admission.