Every medical aspirant has a dream of becoming a doctor from a top medical university of Russia or another reputed country as per their choice. But most of the students find it difficult to choose their University. Russia is the most preferred country when it comes to medical education due to the various benefits or advantages like climatic conditions of Russia, living cost, availability of various facilities, availability of top-ranked medical universities which are recognized by MCI & WHO, Local community of Russia. If you want to do MBBS in Russia then it is the best option for you.


    • 1. Top Medical Universities: The Universities of Russia are recognized by MCI, WHO and many top-level institutions which makes easier for the students to get hired as Doctor in world-class top Hospitals.
    • 2. English medium Syllabus: It is good news for Indian students who are looking to study medicine in Russia as most of the universities in Russia has an English medium syllabus for Indian medical students.
    • 3. Affordable Fees structure: When it comes to admission many of the students, they firstly look for the fees of the universities in which they are applying for their admission, but due to the low-cost fees structure of the top universities in Russia, it becomes a REASON FOR Indian students to get enrolled in Russian Universities. The fee structure ranges from 18 lakh to 25 lakhs for the full MBBS Course.
    • 4. Global Recognition of MBBS Degree:The MBBS degree pursued by the students after completing the full course is accepted globally. The degrees are provided to the students by the Universities which are Approved MCI and WHO. MBBS Russia course degree is recognized in India as well as other countries. So students can practice in India as well as in country of their choice and preferences.
    • 5. MCI Coaching: Most of the Universities in Russia is providing MCI Coaching to the Students. And this training helps students for the qualifying MCI Screening Test so that they can practice in India and also there is no additional cost for this training.
    • 6. No Donations: The medical Universities of Russia do not ask for any kind of donation while giving admission to the students which totally depends on their NEET Score and other eligibility criteria.
    • 7. Most Prestigious course MBBS: MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. It is considered to be the most prestigious course that a medical student can pursue. MBBS is the most popular and designated degree for a Doctor. For engineering science students IIT is considered to be the toughest course but for medical students, MBBS is like an IIT course to them as it is also the toughest medical course. MBBS is the top medical undergraduate course in India. Once a student completes the course a professional and prestigious degree is awarded as a degree in medicine and a degree in surgery to the student. The main aim of the MBBS course is imparting the quality education and training to the medical students to help and contribute them to the growing sector of health and medicine.
    • 8. Comfortable and Well-Equipped Campuses: The Russian Universities are well equipped with High-level equipment for laboratories, scientific centers, class centers and study facilities are now a reality of student life today. Most Russian universities have their own dormitories with a relatively low cost of accommodations. The campus is fully equipped with air-conditions and, other mandatory commodities which is a source of attraction to the Indian Students.
  • 9. Affordable cost of living in Russia: Apart from the low estimates of MBBS in Russia fee, students should also be able to get maximum benefits in terms of affordability as the cost of living in Russia is considerably cheaper. It has been found out that students from India could make it out in Russia with only USD 100 to USD 300 in a month. Students could also reduce the cost of living by making a few changes in their lifestyle, which is indeed a promising factor to opt for admission in medical colleges and universities in Russia.


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Now you have to decide your medical journey of becoming an MBBS Doctor from top medical Universities of Russia. You have already seen the above listed 9 benefits of studying medicine in Russia, apart from these benefits there are other reasons to study MBBS in Russia. You just need to select a top medical University from a list of Universities in Russia and apply for admission after check your eligibility criteria for admission and fee structure as per your budget. Study MBBS in top medical University MCI Approved of Russia without any donations. Apply Now!

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